Friday, May 4, 2012

Swim lessons

Gregory started swim lessons . . . Again. He's done it ever summer since he was one through the city. Still can't swim. Lives water. Hates the pool. So this summer we decided to go through Hubbard Family Swim School!!! Only four to a class at most. A little costly for us but hopefully so worth it!!!

Yesterday was his first class and he did so good!!!! Was scared at first but they were so good with him and he did good and most important, he had fun!!!!! And wants to go back!!!! That's HUGE!!!! He woke up this morning and one of the first things he said was, "mommy I go swim lessons and I had fun and was so brave!" He keeps talking about it! Makes mommy happy. Felt so good to sit there and watch him be good at something and gave a good experience. :)


  1. This is awesome! Keep up the good work buddy!

  2. That is so exciting!! What a cute pool!
    Good job GT ;)


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