Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On Thursday we went to go see Gregory's psychologist at his metabolic clinic. She wanted to meet with us after Gregory started his new school to look at the big picture and make sure no area in his life was being over looked. So appreciated that.

Main things from the meeting:

*Want to have his new teacher be more specific on what her "good" means when she says he's doing "good".
*To see what they are doing to help his social skills. To make sure he's learning how to act with others, ect.
*To look into the thought of him possibly having something like Autism or Aspergers. She didn't think so but thought it was worth looking into because if he does, then treatment for things would be approached differently.
*When parenting to focus on the positive and not the negative when disciplining. Instead of "don't stand on the couch" say "please sit down". Focus on what you want him to do. Give lots of praise.

I will meet with her again in June to see how all of this is going.

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