Friday, September 30, 2011


So today my mommy's heart is a little weary. I think I do  pretty good for the most part . . . not letting Gregory's things get to me . . . I feel bad saying that because our problems could be so much worse . . . but every once in awhile I feel sad or want to have a pitty party for myself. The 2 main things that get me down are the "alone-ness" of all this if thats even a word. And Gregory not being known as the "nice" kid.

By "alone-ness" I mean . . . so many things . . . to how much certain foods are just apart of living life and certain foods define us as humans and define our experiences and memories and Gregory won't have those. I know he doesn't know any different. Not being able to just give him anything and experience all those fun first tastes with him. To never know the taste of an oreo. And then just how that singles him out in life. And in situations. I dunno. I'm just rambeling.

By the other I mean . . . I can deal with the "different kid" or the "weird kid" or the "slow kid". But my personality has a hard time dealing with having the "mean kid". I know kids will be kids . . . . but more than a handful of times being at Gregory's school a kid will go to their parent and say, "Thats Gregory. He's mean." or the parent will tell me how their child goes home and talks about how Gregory needs to be more nice. This in its self is crazy to me because I can't even imagine Gregory have the vocabular ability to even express that to me at home about a kid in his class that just reminds me how low his vocab is. Ugh! Anyways, this too shall pass. It can only get better right? Yesterday his teacher almost had to call me to come get him he was behaving so bad. Today he was great! I am a happy mommy.

Thanks for listening . . . who ever you are.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Silly Faces

I guess no news is good news. Nothing new has been going on with Gregory lately but felt the need to post something. Here he is practicing "silly faces" after mommy showed him how. He does start this thursday a weekly acting type class offered at his school. I'll let you know how it goes. Ü

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update on preschool

Just an update on my little stinky boy. The first week and a half Gregory did really good at school . . . just one potty accident . . . one bite on his teacher . . . then comes week 3 and he had a really hard time. Very aggressive. Not listening. Pushing. Pinching. Then last week he made some improvements! His teacher said he was doing "pretty good". Pretty good for Gregory. He's getting the hang of it. Sunday at children's church they could really see a difference. 

Still waiting on insurance to approve him getting OT. Keep you posted! 
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