Friday, November 14, 2014

Parent Teacher Conference

Hi all . . . so this week was parent teacher conferences. There are a lot of tiny technical details that I won't bore you with and don't have the energy to wrote about right now . . . ha ha ha . . . but all in all it went good. His behavior is much better which is huge for Gregory!! Main issues are academics. Lots to work on and he is not where a "typical" first grader should be but I'm so proud of this boy. He is meeting or at least progressing in his IEP goals! His teacher thinks that in a few years he should be able to be in a main stream classroom more. This is one happy mama! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Our 3rd Annual Costume Party was a huge success!! 

Thank you to everyone who played in role in making this night such a success! 

We raised over $2200!!!!!

Here is cute "Woody". Our theme was "Hay Day". 

We had bonfires and smores. 

Gregory with his Bobbie and Poppy! Thank you Bobbie for putting this on! 

Many items for our raffle! Thank you to all who donated and bought tickets! 

Mamo flew in just for the party! 

Gregory and daddy. 

We had a freeze dance contest. 

Costume Contest Winners

Gregory talking about Galactosemia. 

It was a night we'll never forget! 

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