Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 3

Week three was the letter C, color yellow, number 12 and square shape.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arizona Science Museum

Friday we used our Living Social deal we bought and went to the Arizona Science Museum. Gregory had never been. It was so much fun. He LOVED the outside ball/water thing. Everything else was a little too much for him. He was VERY overwhelmed and a little freaked out. We were only there a hour and a half. I think each time it will get better.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Count down

One month from yesterday we will be going to the Galactosemia Foundation Conference! We are so excited! For more information visit Galactosemia Foundation

Monday, June 18, 2012


To summer camp or not to summer camp. 

Ugh! I'm so tired of running into another mom and her asking me, "What is Gregory signed up for this summer?" or "What do you have him doing?".

First of all . . . Gregory is my first . . . barely school age . . . I didn't know I was SUPPOSE to enroll him in stuff all summer!!!?? When I was school age I did the occasional week long vacation bible school. Thats it. My summers were spent playing barbie, ridding bikes, pretend, games, being outside, re runs, swim lessons, ect.  

Aside from all that though . . . the main reason we chose not to "summer camp" was I really needed the break from worrying . . . worrying if how he was doing . . . was he hitting . . . "acting out" . . . pooping in his pants . . .  I needed a solid 2 months where I just didn't have to worry. You know?


Week two

We just finished Week 2 of summer learning stuff or what ever you want to call it. This pas week we concentrated on:

Letter: Bb
Color: Orange
Shape: Triangle
Number: 12

He doesn't know the letter Bb.

He does know orange!!!

He kind of knows triangle.

He can count to 12 but doesn't recognize the number.

Activities we did were . . . counting orange triangles . . . finger painting on orange paper . . . drinking orange juice . . . playing with beans that start with B! . . . . counting beans . . . 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all the great daddys out there! Gregory is so blessed to have the best daddy of all! I really won't change a single thing about this amazing man. I'm so blessed to have him as my partner in crime. Ü

I'm really reflective this Fathers Day because Fathers Day last year was horrible for me. Gregory was at his peak of SPD. It was just a really rough day. Mainly because we just didn't understand Gregory. Why was he acting this way? And we weren't handling it very well. It was all around this time when we were really realizing he had the SPD and learning how to deal with it and what do we do. Its been a year of constantly learning, adjusting, and patience. Gregory has come far. Its only going to get better. Its so exciting to see where we will be next Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Candy Land

I bought this game over a year ago in hopes Gregory would love to play it. I mean, it said "3 and up" and he was 3 so he should be able to play it right? Wrong. We've brought it out several times in the past year with each time him being inpatient and not wanting to listen and just do his own thing. Totally fine of course! This time though, he did it the right way! We played a whole game! I won! Ha! Ha! (kidding) But he took turns and was pleasant and calm. So fun! Apart from not really knowing all the colors, he did so great!

Sensory play

Gregory loves to be naked! And loves his sensory tub of bird seed. This was all fun and games until I found him sitting in it. Needless to say I had to get bird seed out of places it was not suppose to be.

Week one

So for each week of summer I have planned for Gregory a letter, color, shape, and number to concentrate on. Last week was the first week. 

Letter: Aa
Number: 10
Color: Red
Shape: Circle

We did activities like eating apples . . . they are red . . . draw red circles . . . counting 10 red circles . . . red ice cubes. 

At the end of the week he knows what the color red is. Already could count to 10. Still working on circle and the letter A. 


Look who likes Gregory's Sensory Tunnel.


Gregory has been taking swim lessons at Hubbard Family Swim School for the past month or so. Gregory loves water. Hates the pool. Every summer we do our 2 week lesson through the city with no success. This summer he must learn how to swim! We live in Arizona for pete's sake! Pools are all we got this hellish time of year. 

Gregory started lesson one terrified to say the least. A month or so later he begs me to go every day! Loves his teacher Miss. Tiffany. He can kick, go under, float on his back. This school is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They are just what Gregory needed. Only 4 kids to a class at most. Gentle. Calm. Sweet. And the fact that he looks forward to going is the most important part of all! It is so fun to sit behind that glass wall and watch him do well at something and have fun. I mean this in the nicest way. Having a child like Gregory, you don't get too many of these options. Fun for him. Fun for me.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pizza time!

Gregory had pizza with tomato sauce for the first time! So yummy! So fun!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I say tomato. You say tomato.

Last week at Gregory's weekly lunch date at In N Out with daddy he had ketchup for the first time!!! And he liked it! Last night he had spaghetti for the first time. We've held off on tomatoes up until now. They were always considered "questionable" in the Galactosemia world. For awhile they have said its okay but we decided to wait a few more years. This opens up a whole new world for Gregory! So exciting!

Monday, June 4, 2012

One Year Anniversary!!!

My blog celebrated its one year anniversary on June 1st!!!!! Wow! What a year it has been! Take a moment to browse through the past year. Thanks to everyone who has been following me. Thanks to those who have helped and reached out. I am so glad I started this blog. It has been such a blessing. Here is to another great year!
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