Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Save the date!

Save the date! 
Our 3rd annual 
Costume Party Fundraiser 
will be Saturday November 1st @ 6:00pm. 
Everyone is invited! 

One week from today!

One week from today school starts!!!! 
Gregory will be a 1st grader! 
I cannot believe it! 
Same teacher. Same school. 
Update to come. 


We have a cat. Her name is Promise. She was named very appropriately at the time by Gregory. She is almost 2. We could not have asked for a better cat. She is so good with Gregory and the love each other so much!  

Yes, his nails are painted due to his girl cousin spending the night. 


Summer means swimming. Gregory isn't there yet but he is getting a lot better. Each summer gets just a little bit better. How cute is he though?! 

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