Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Singing in the tub!

Here is a cute video of Gregory singing in the tub! He was singing the same thing over and over again the night so I started recording. Of course that is when he noticed me and didn't do it as much. Still cute though.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Here is adorable video of Gregory fishing with his daddy a few weeks back. Daddy let him reel in the bass. So cute!

PS. Good heavy work, huh?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our first fundraiser!

In less than a week is our first fundraiser for Gregory's Galactosemia!!!

We are having a costume party! I'm so looking forward to it! 

There will be hot dogs with all the fixings, chips, soda, water, hot chocolate, apple cider, brownies, beer, wine, ect. 

We will have a raffle, dancing, game for the kids! 

We are so excited to bring awareness and raise money for Galactosemia!!!

Hope to see many of you there!! 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Here is an update on what my sweet Gregory has been up to!

Watching, "Hotel Translyvania" in 3D with mamo! She came to visit us!

Mamo had just gone on a cruise and bought Gregory this awesome boat!
Gregory painting a pumpkin for his daddy.
Gregory doing office work.
Gregory learning how to be "gentle" with Kitty Promise.
Going to Octoberfest with Bobby, Poppy and his 3 cousins! This is what he won!
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