Monday, December 2, 2013

Cream cheese

So, we are in LOVE with Daiya products!!!!! They make a cream cheese which is awesome because Gregory LOVES bagels. I asked him if he wanted to try this . . . preparing for him to say no because he is not good about trying new things. . . and to my surprise,  he said yes! And loved it! Yay! Another thing to help him feel more normal with his diet. (Well, he probably doesn't even care . . . its more his mama.)



Thanksgiving was very low key this year but very nice. The night before we went to dinner with Papo and Mimi. Had a yummy dinner at Olive Garden!  Gregory had the chicken tenders and spaghetti.

We came back and decorated their Christmas Tree.


And then Papo gave him his old hot wheels from when he was a little boy. So special. 

In the morning we made brownies for dessert. Galactosemia friendly dessert.

Of course play with trains.


Of course snuggle mama. 

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