Monday, June 18, 2012


To summer camp or not to summer camp. 

Ugh! I'm so tired of running into another mom and her asking me, "What is Gregory signed up for this summer?" or "What do you have him doing?".

First of all . . . Gregory is my first . . . barely school age . . . I didn't know I was SUPPOSE to enroll him in stuff all summer!!!?? When I was school age I did the occasional week long vacation bible school. Thats it. My summers were spent playing barbie, ridding bikes, pretend, games, being outside, re runs, swim lessons, ect.  

Aside from all that though . . . the main reason we chose not to "summer camp" was I really needed the break from worrying . . . worrying if how he was doing . . . was he hitting . . . "acting out" . . . pooping in his pants . . .  I needed a solid 2 months where I just didn't have to worry. You know?



  1. You're doing a great job, mama! Enjoy your two month break - I know that I do!
    Most parents sense the same pressure you do and feel like their kid will be left out of the "fun" with their peers if they don't participate in summer camps & activities.
    I didn't start Clayton or Kyle in anything until the summer before Kindergarten (almost 6) - so I think you're normal :)
    Scout did 2 weeks of summer preschool camp just so he could be introduced to a class environment before "real" school (2 days a week - lame!) started! And learn things like... no guns at school?!?
    I love you - you are a GREAT mom!

  2. Phishy you Rock, keep it up your doing great.


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