Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christian vs. Public

Gregory's old school was a private Lutheran school. Tommy and I wanted Gregory to go to a Christian school if financially possible. Private schools don't usually have resources for kids with special needs. So now Gregory goes to a public school.

He has only gone 3 days and 2 things have already stood out. Now don't get me wrong. U have nothing against public schools. I always went to a public school and I think I turned out pretty well. :)

But it is interesting . . . Gregory has already been heard saying, "Oh my God!" Which may not sound bad to most of you buy in our family that is just something you don't say. Very disrespectful towards our God.

The second thing was on Thursday when GT was leaving he went up to his teacher to give her a hug and she kind of didn't know what to do and just grabbed his hand. :(

Not bad. Just different.

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