Monday, September 16, 2013

Kindergarten Update

All in all the school year has been going good . . . until last week that is. It was just an overall rough week. 

I need to think of a name for when Gregory acts "crazy". I often refer to it as "crazy" Gregory but thats not nice. I dunno . . . its his alter ego  . . . maybe instead of Gregory he is being, "Senor Loco"???? I'm game for any suggestions. 

Anways, what does "Senor Loco" look like? I can't even describe it . . . its just off, weird, intense, agressive, sensitive, snotty, disrespectful, not obedient, hard, difficult, cranky. 

Sounds fun, huh? 

Whats going on? 

I"m not really sure .  . . . mommy brain of mine cannot figure it out. I think its one or many of the following . . . daddy being out of town, school being hard, not having OT, friends not being nice at school, the heat, his lack of vocabulary . . . 

I don't know. 

I do know at school (so at home too) they are working on the following goals for Gregory:

~Write his name
~Hold a pencil the right way
~Respond appropriately to situations
~Two way conversations
~Count to 20 (he can now do 25)
~Identify 15 of the 26 letters
~Self awareness
~Math language

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  1. I visited my son's school in session. I popped there unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Every parent should do this. They had some structured learning but also a lot of playing which I think is the best way for children to learn.


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