Monday, August 26, 2013

So far so good!

Gregory is already into 4th week of school! Can you believe that?! Crazy! My little kindergartener. 

So far so good . . . his teacher says he's doing well for the most part . . . is so sweet . . . but wants to touch everyone and be in their personal space. He doesn't want you in his be wants to be in yours. This is something his Occupational Therapist has been working on as well. 

Gregory has an I.E.P. (Individualized Education Program). It was done in the school district he was in for preschool. Now we're in a new district so they need to re write it. I have a meeting with "his team" on Wednesday morning to do this. I've already met the speech therapist and I talked to the occupational therapist on the phone this morning. They both seem so sweet. 

I'll keep you all posted on Gregory's goals and how he is doing. 

Then there is the whole lunch issue. He has yet to eat his sandwich at lunch. He'll eat some fruit and his fruit snack. But not his sandwich. Urrrr.   

And then one day last week there was an opened package of Combos, cheese filled pretzels! We've talked to Gregory about not taking food from others as he cannot have any dairy. Scary. Talked to his teacher. She was going to talk to kiddos about not sharing food. We new this day would come. Joys of having a child with a metabolic disease. 


  1. oh wow, how scary. Good job little man! So fun to see you grow :)

  2. I wonder what his reaction to tasting those cheesy things was? Hopefully, YUK! Lol!


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