Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Go run errands with me sometime and this is often the face you will see.  Oh Gregory. What am I going to do with you? He is my mystery man. Gregory's sensory issues are not as evident when he is at home with just me and Tommy. But out in public its just right there in your face. As I've wrote before . . . I'm just being honest . . . I struggle with not having the "well behaved" or "nice" child. This was hard for this first time mommy to get over. Along with that came how to deal with a child with Sensory Processing Disorder in Public.

When we were first learning about Gregory and SPD we were also learning how to deal with it. Out it public he does weird (not appropriate public behavior) things, throws fits, ect. When he would "act out" I would respond as any normal parent would (should) do and discipline the behavior or correct it. You can't just fall on the floor in the middle of the floor at Big 5 for no reason. You can't spin in circles at In n Out hitting strangers in the process. Another honest moment of mine? I address these issues because I'm being a good parent. I also do this because I want these strangers to think I'm a good parent. I am in control of my child. He doesn't walk all over me. Because when you see a child acting out this bad in public the parent must not be in control, right?????


Gregory has sure opened my eyes to that one! You never know why that child might be "acting" out. I now have learned to not care what people think (hard for me) and treat Gregory according to him being Gregory. I know he's screaming in the middle of Costco not to act out . . . but because something in his body needs to. I find ways to soothe him. Not discipline him. And who cares is Mr. Snotty Pants next to us thinks I don't have my child "under control". Gregory is my main concern. I do whats best for him. Don't get me wrong though. Gregory still does non-sensory-4-year-old-boy stuff. Such a fine line to know what is what. 

So, to all you parents out there with kids who don't have sensory issues . . . now you know. Don't roll your eyes. Give a sympathetic smile. 

To all you parents out there with kids who do have sensory issues . . . can I get wha? wha? 

Side Note: Costco is a great Galacotsemia friendly place to eat! 



  1. Love it sister. Love your honesty, and thank you for the reminder to be sensitive - NOT judgmental to those around us...

  2. I think you are a fabulous mom!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this ;)

  3. Hilarious Photo... you need to wear a tee shirt out shopping that says..."Don't judge me, I'm just being a patient mommy".. :) j/k luv u!


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