Sunday, April 1, 2012


Wow! What a week! We had 8 days of non stop family fun!

Gregory's mamo (my mom) flew down from Boise to celebrate her 50th Birthday with friends and family here in Phoenix. The next day we woke up at 3:00 and flew back with her to Boise.

Here is Gregory and mamo at the Seatac airport where we had a brief layover.

We got in around noon and met up with Momo (my mamo), Grandpa, and cousin Mandy. We hung out and gave GT dinner and a bath. I told him bed was in a few minutes. This is how I found him on mamo's couch. 5:30 Arizona time. Busy day!

Pure handsomeness!

Uncle Bug (a.k.a. Uncle Bub) reading "Squirmy Wormy"

On our way to church!

Sunday night was mamo's big birthday party. Here is Gregory and is new friend Lucy. Sooo cute!

Here is all our family that was there at mamo's party!

Its Tuesday and all the family is gone. We went to the playground with mamo.

Leaving Boise. :( Getting ready to go to Seattle.

Tuesday night we flew back to seattle to go see Grandma, Aunt Kath, Uncle Mark, and cousin Katie. We got in at 11:45 that night. Here is GT and Grandma watching cartoons the next day.

We went to the play ground and a guy was using his tractor! He let me get in!!!

I got to walk Sandy! She is so cute!

Getting ready to board our plane to Phoenix!

Wednesday night at 9:00 we left for Phoenix! Here we come daddy!

Fell asleep on mommys lap on the plane. Whew! Mommy could not wake me up. We were the last ones on the plane. The pilots and flight attendants were waiting for us. As I was walking off I kept wanting to fall asleep in the chairs as I passed them.

Such a fun trip! We loved seeing all our family! Boy are we tired though!


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