Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Help? Venting? I dunno.

So, Gregory's last day at his current preschool is the 30th. Only a few more days. He's been doing really well. Having good days. No accidents. Today was like any other morning. A very typical Gregory morning. 

When we get to school, as soon as we get out of the truck, he's running around. Being Gregory. This morning he just held my hand the whole walk to his class room. Very calm. Very sweet. He never wants to hold hands so I was eating this up! 

Go into his class room. He's suppose to go wash hands first thing. He got distracted by new toys set out as usual. I told him to go wash his hands. A kid takes the toy in front of him and Gregory FREAKS out . . . wacks him on head with it . . . screams . . . crys . . . face all red . . . veins popping out!!! And from that moment on he kept hitting every kid. Wacking them on the head with toys. Squeezing them. I wanted to cry. I'd personally never seen him act that way that bad before. My heart was sad for him. Like, why are you acting this way? Why are you so mad? I want to help. I felt so bad for him. 

He made it an hour and a half before I got a call to come pick him up. Nothing had changed. Poor Gregory. Poor kids. Poor teacher. 

I wish I could figure him out. Its hard enough figuring your kids out. Let alone a kid that can't talk the best and has special needs. I just want to help him. Teach him. Make it better. 

Any thoughts????


  1. Oh!!! I'm so sorry. I'm praying for all of you.

  2. Oh honey, that's so awful. I'm so sorry. Love from his Auntie...

  3. Oh sweet Melissa! I am praying for you guys. Sending my love!


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