Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hi there! Just thought I'd give an update on Mr. Gregory.

On February 2nd, he'll be 4 years old!!!

He is currently in love with anything relating to Fireman and Firetrucks.

He's loving Oreos. 

Getting his blood drawn.

 Being a super hero.

We had a good Christmas. New Years was bitter sweet . . . we lost Tommy's grandpa on New Years Eve but got to spend lots of time with Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Ü

Last week was the first week back to school and according to Gregory's teacher he did pretty good. Ü

We're in limbo right now (which I HATE) in regards to Gregory's schooling. In a nut shell, his current school doesn't really see him improving and don't feel like they can give him what he needs and are having a hard time dealing with all his sensory issues. So, we had a conference with his teacher, principal, and the early childhood specialist on campus before Christmas to discuss Gregory and other options.

We would like him to go to a Christian school but also know that a Christian school might not be able to give Gregory what he needs. So, our plan was to keep him at Christ Lutheran for the time being and get him re-evaluated through the school district to see if he qualifies for "special" preschool through the district.

We went on January 6th where we found out he needs further more formal testing in speech, self help, social skills, and cognitive. The only thing is its not until March 2nd. And then if he qualified for anything it wouldn't be until April that he'd start.

So, I emailed his teacher, principal, and the early childhood specialist letting them know all this and am still waiting to hear what they want to do. Are the keeping him? If so, I'd like to give them some tools to help them and some things to implement in the classroom. I will email them again today to see what the thought process is. Will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, OT every week is going good. We've been implementing things at home too. So fun! And I've asked for his birthday that everyone gets him a sensory integration toy. :) I see Gregory making great strides and is talking so much better lately! Its so fun!

Upcoming things . . . he'll have his yearly pediatric appointment soon and his yearly metabolic appointment. Updates to come. This summer we'll go to the PGC conference again. This year its in July. Cannot wait!

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  1. Melissa,
    Wow.. your strength really blows my mind honey. I miss you so much, I hope I can see you soon. xoxox


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