Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good morning!

It's amazing all that can happen in a morning and it's only 7:37. I know every parent feels this way. Not just a parent to a child with S. P. D.

I am now in charge of getting Gregory for school each morning and taking him. This is a somewhat easy task on the mornings I don't work. The mornings I do, oh boy!

This morning started at 4:30 when my alarm went off to snooze for 30 minutes where I would wake up at 5:00 and work out to a DVD. Next thing I know it's 5:30. I over slept. No work out again. 5:37 my mom calls to see how work out went. 5:57 Gregory wakes up. "I pee peed my bed mommy. " oh boy. He's usually not up until 7:00 by the way. 6:03 mom calls tell me what she found as a together birthday gift for my grandma at Walmart or her way into work. Gregory and I snuggle. We play "tunnel" under sheets. I attempt to get ready while playing this game. Make up and hair time. He decides to turn on I pod and dance and soon later tells me he peed his pants and it went all over tile. Ugh! More make up and hair. He then poops in underwear. Seriously?!?! He is now naked which he loves. Naked dance party starts. I dance a little. Not naked Do load of laundry. Finish getting ready. Get him ready. Breakfast time. He spills Cheerios everywhere. Second morning in a row by the way. And now I'm blogging it all thanks to my amazing I phone while he is racing around trying to be lightening McQueen.

Whew. I'll go put new cloths on him. Again. And attempt to get out the door. Watch out world here we come!

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