Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy Boot Camp

So, Gregory and I were suppose to leave last Thursday to go spend a week with my mom and mamo in Star, ID. My mom works for Alaska Airlines so we were flying standby. We tried 3 days and didn't make it. My mom even flew down Saturday to meet us at the airport so we'd have higher priority with getting on a flight and still no success. So, we went and had lunch at Chili's in terminal 4 and then back to our separate homes. We were VERY sad.

Had to regroup. Came up with a "Mommy Boot Camp" plan to work on the issues we've been having with Gregory. When else would I have a week to spend with my guy? I would never just take vacation days from work. I took this as a blessing from God. And this is what I came up with:

Our Daily Schedule

Wake up
                                      Devotion (me)
                                      Outside Play                                           
                                      Dressed (teach GT)
                                      OT time
                                      Poop (5 min)
                Errands/Something fun
/12:00                Lunch                                                                
                  School Time
                    OT time
                    Reading Time
                              Nap time
                    Me time
                    Work in office
                    Work on a project
                                       Read book on GT
                                       To do list
                                       GT wakes and has snack
                                       GT play time in room
                               Make dinner
                     Music Time
                     OT Time
                     Outside play time
                               Clean up
                               Get ready for bed
                              Bed time

Now, as anal and weird as this may seem to all of you . . . I don't hold it tightly. If you know me, I have to at least have a plan . . . and then we go from there. Just wanted to make sure in these days by ourselves with nothing to do . . . that important things would get done like routine (which GT needs), OT time, working on potty training, School time, Me time, Gym time, time to get caught up in our office, and work on behavior issues. Today is the 3rd day of it and its going pretty good. :) Time will tell . . . but it can only do good, right?

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