Friday, June 17, 2011

In-N-Out Baby!

So to be out and about . . .  either running errands, shopping, going anywhere public really . . .  has to happen in between meal times . . . because finding a place where Gregory can eat is hard. Especially when you are mommy doing busy mommy stuff and all you want to do is run through a drive through or just stop some where quick because you're both starving. But no, you have to stop and go home. Or fill him up on snacks from his back pack of Sponge Bob crackers and raisins. Not filling for a 3 year old growing boy.

So after seeing all "convient" or other wise known as "fast" food type places on the internet and going over the ingredient list of each item . . . that is if they had it . . . I found that In-n-out was somewhere he could go!!! Tommy & I were so excited because we LOVE that place and would go as a "special treat". But now its just where we go . . . sometimes on the weekend. But on Tuesdays, Daddy day, Gregory and daddy always go! And then on to Bass Pro Shop of course! He can have it because they pride them selves on fresh ingredients . . . so he gets a hamburger patty thats just pure beef . . . no fillers . . . cooked on the grill that has no traces of cheese or butter. Yes, we tell them to do this every time. And then of course, french fries!!!! Oh Gregory's favorite! He can have potatoes . . . they are just pure potatoes cut there and fried in vegetable or soy oil which he can have. He gets his cute hat to wear and sticker sheet and he couldn't be happier. He knows the logo, sees it off the side of the freeway when we pass it and even has a shirt from there that his mamo got him for his 3rd birthday. Soon we'll check on the bun so he can start eating it like a big boy! With mustard and pickel? Yum!

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