Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Gregory is a very active 3 year old little boy who his daddy and mommy love so much! Gregory was a little angel the first year of his life and since then has kept mommy and daddy on their toes. He is now "strong willed", "spirited", has "sensory processing disorder", has had speech therapy and some occupational therapy. All of these things are hard to deal with now but will make him such an amazing person later.

My question is . . . which of these things and things to come has to do with Galactosemia?

I hope to use this blog for other galactosemia parents to share our experiences and give each other support with this very "unknown" disease. That might be the worse thing about galactosemia . . . the unknowns. :(

My hope it to also use this blog as a communication tool between parents to share our knowledge. I have yet to find anything like this on the web. I will share my knowledge and hope to learn more from others.

There are many other things that define Gregory at this moment that are not related to Galactosemia . . . his love of cars, sponge bob, books, trucks, running out side, fishing, bass, music (both playing and listening), dancing, imitating, acting, being funny, and many others. He is such a special boy in every sense of the word. We love you Gregory!

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