Friday, March 7, 2014

New school.

Hi all! So A LOT has been going on with Gregory at school. I've been a little too overwhelmed to do a post . . . and new things keep happening. I will try and give you the readers digest version. 

Its been a little over a month now . . . Gregory has always struggled with some behavioral issues at school . . . they have just really escalated. After several meetings with his teachers and thearpists . . . trying new things . . . changing his IEP . . . a couple more meetings . . . we have decided he needs a more self contained classroom. His current school does not have something like this. Only 2 other schools in the district offer something like this for Gregory. One just happens to be right down the street from my house and its actually where I went to school K-6th grade. :) 

He will be in a classroom with one teacher and two aids. There will only be 10 other kids. It seems like a very contained, positive, strict, structured, fun classroom. They can deal with and accommodate all the things Gregory struggles with. The whole goal is to get them back into a main stream classroom. They get the behaviors under control first and when they are ready they let them back into a mainstream classroom little bits at a time. They also join another kindergarten class to go to specials and lunch with. One of his neighborhood friends is in this classroom. So, he already has a friend. :)

I think it will be really great. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for listening!


  1. So excited for you Gregory! I met your new teacher & some of the kids. You are going to have a blast!


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