Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

Hi all! Fall is finally coming here in AZ.  Which means parent teacher conference time. Gregory's dad and I met with Gregory's teacher last week. She said for the most part he is doing better and progressing . . . but he is no where were he needs to be. She said he would benefit from a smaller classroom. She said he does much better one on one and she just can't do that with him as much as she would like to. She said it wouldn't be anything that would happen this year but maybe talk about it at his IEP for next year. Hmm . . . And more than likely he will need to repeat kindergarten. My mommy's heart got a little teary eyed hearing this. Its like you know your child's daily struggles but hearing it in a more formal atmosphere makes it all more real. After the meeting I asked Gregory's dad what he thought . . . he is always good about putting things in perspective . . . he said Gregory has come so far since August, who knows where he'll be at in May. And he's right. Another example of how I'm always reminded to just take life one day at a time. No since in worrying. Just going to work more with him at home. Going to look at getting him a weighted vest to wear at school. Do more heavy work. See what happens.

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  1. One day at a time Meliss. He is right - you have no idea how far Gregory will come when May rolls around! Love to you all :) xo


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