Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friday night pizza and movie night

I've been wanting to start some new traditions with Gregory. Growing up my parents and I would make home made pizza every saturday night and eat it while watching Star Search! (I'm dating myself here.) That was like the first American Idol, right? LOL. My mom would pretend to be "Zelda" and talk with an Italian accent. It was the best!

So, the past 3 Friday nights, Gregory and I have done the same thing! So fun! Although, he asked me to stop talking in my italian accent. Oh well. Hopefully he'll look back at this memory as fondly as I do. :) 



"Horton hears a who"


  1. What kind of cheese do you use for his pizza's????

    1. "Daiya". You can go to their website and it will tell you where you can buy it locally.

    2. Okay thank you so much. I'm going by to get some later so we can do pizza's Friday night can't wait!!!! How did your fundraiser turn out I have another mother in my town that has a son with Galactosemia as well and I think we may try to do one this year.


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