Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We made it this far.

So, at 2:00 today I got the first call of the school year to come pick up Gregory . . . won't calm down . . . won't comply . . . being too physical . . . ect. Thats improvement right? I mean, last year the first call was in August and this is December! Go Gregory! (sense the slight sarcasm)

You know, this year, Gregory is in a "special" preschool class. You would think all the problems would go away. They don't. Don't get me wrong. For the most part, yes, its been a walk in the park compared to last year's school experience. Even on top of some changes that have been going on in our personal life, Gregory all in all has been thriving. Thank you Lord! 

But I still have "the talk with the teacher" . . . most Fridays . . . when I pick him up . . . we talk about behavior issues and such. 

Will he be ready for kindergarten?

He wants to touch others but does not want to be touched. 

Attention seeking behavior. Ignore or not ignore? 

Need more of his rice milk because he doesn't drink cow milk like the other kids. 

You need to get him evaluated to see if we can rule out autism. 

When will we know if he is ready for kindergarten? 

If he is ready, will he be in a mainstream classroom with strongly urged use of his own aid? Or a special needs classroom?

Where will he go to school? 

He needs to master certain things for Kindergarten like colors, letters, cutting, pasting, ect. 

He does know how to spell "Greg" right now. Makes mommy happy. 

And randomly on Saturday he just belted out his A,B,C's!!!! He'll be 5 in February and I have never been able to teach him this. I almost started crying! So exciting!

All in all he's doing much better this year than last year. This time of year I'm remind that this time last year, his teacher had the talk with me saying she can't keep him there any more. Ugh. So glad to not be there again.

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  1. You are doing a great job, keep doing what your doing.


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