Monday, September 10, 2012

Star, ID

This past weekend we went to go visit my mom, mamo, and Grandpa. Which in turn is Gregory's mamo, momo, and Grandpa. It was a very relaxing weekend. 

Of course Gregory fell asleep as we were descending on the plane . . . as usual. 

Here Gregory is across from my mom's house at "Gregory's Park" blowing his first dandelion. Make a wish!


Cow watching with mamo!


Here is Gregory playing on computer and drinking a "special" drink of Fresca and a cherry! Yum!

 The first night we were only there 5 minutes when my mom brought in a new lawn chair she had bought and wanted me to sit in it to see how comfortable it was when a baby frog jumped out! So cute!

There was a tether ball by the cows. 

Gregory playing in the back yard with chalk and his fireman hat. Too cute!

It was so much fun!!!

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  1. You're such an amazing mommy Melissa! Looks like you had a nice visit, I want to go to Star one day with you, looks so peaceful!!! xoxox


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