Monday, November 28, 2011


I am so thankful for you Gregory! Thanksgiving what spent wednesday night with Papo and Mimi. He had steak, bread, green beans and graham crackers with frosting on them. Thursday was spent with daddy's side of the family. Bobby made him his own cornish game hen. He ate that and his rhodes roll with great ease. Had to make him eat his jello salad. Horrible parents, aren't we? I think its the whole texture thing he had to get used too. There were brussel sprouts on his plate and salad which he ate none. Big shocker. Auntie brought the kids "kid wine" a.k.a. sparkling cider. Gregory doesn't eat applese yet so she brought him up some sparkling pink grapefruit juice! yum! No pies for this guy. He wanted a bowl (or more) of fruit loops! Happy Thanksgiving!

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