Thursday, October 20, 2011


Gregory had his 2nd O.T. session today. We really love it there and he gets to work with Miss. Sara. She's great. Its so great to sit there and know for a full hour his body is getting everything it wants and needs! Such a blessing! I finally feel like we are doing something to help him.

Today she had him sit on this rectangle swing and do puzzles while she pushed him back and forth. Then she set up an obstacle course for him. He had to jump on the trampoline 5 times, then walk on "gum drops" which are like half sphere type things on the ground that have pokey things. (Side note: She pointed out to me when he was done how he wasn't walking on his toes. Something with his sensory nerves in his feet made them want to walk correctly or something like that.) Then he picked up a puzzle piece, crawled through a tunnel, onto a huge bean bag and then put the puzzle piece on the puzzle! So fun!

Then he played in the beans and worked on fine motor skills all while getting input and listening to music therapy. She introduced him to the "brush" where you brush the body. You do it at least 3 times a day and helps all his sensory nerve receptors. We'll do it again next week and then I get to take it home and do it with him!

The hour went by fast and it was so fun!

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  1. Amazing! So glad he's enjoying it. Would love to be a fly on the wall ;)
    Cutie Pie.


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